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Circle Planner

Folks, life is messy. Specifically, my life is messy. I have a million goals, dreams and ambitions, and whenever I try to actually get started on them, I can’t figure out the best way to plan them. I’ve tried a notebook, bullet journaling and even digital diaries, but nothing has quite worked for me just yet. Enter, the best Instagram advert that has ever happened to me – The Circle Planner.

Founded by the awe-inspiring Carla, the Circle Planner was originally a crowdfunded project, and turned in to one of the most beautiful businesses I have seen in a long time. The branding and website are so sleek, and I love supporting independent businesses, especially those in their first few years.

Why The Circle Planner?

I came across the Circle Planner completely by chance, and was intrigued by the story behind it. Carla had never been able to find a planner that completely worked for her (hello, me!), and so designed her own with goals being at the forefront of the idea. The whole thing is tailored towards achieving your goals and ambitions, and helping to break it down in to manageable chunks for you.

The planner itself is a beast. It’s heavy but good quality, with a fabric front cover. It’s available in a bunch of different colours, from slate and navy to bright freakin’ yellow. Whatever your vibe, there’s a colour for you.

The design is so sleek, and very intuitive. Whether you buy it for business focus or to boost your personal goals, the Circle Planner content is diverse enough that everyone will get great use out of it.

circle planner

The Content

I bought the Mid Year Circle Planner, which runs from September 2020 to August 2021. Lets be honest, 2020 has been a bust so I was so excited to be able to start fresh in September.

For each month, you get a goals page, for what you want to achieve each month. This has sections for Career goals, Personal goals, Travel goals (mines blank) and more.

Then, you get a monthly overview, and a 2 page spread for each week in that month, running Monday to Sunday. Within this spread, you have a to-do list, a “focus” list and a habit tracker. Then, you have a second monthly overview with a space for lists. God, I love lists. You also have a finance tracker, then a 2 page spread for you to review your goals for the month.

circle planner

Final Thoughts

I am so pleased that I found this planner. I really feel like it helps to organise my thoughts and I have found myself using it every evening to check I’m on track. If you struggling keeping organised, this is the planner for you!

You can buy the Circle Planner here, for £35.

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