Budget Skincare: The 4 Step Routine for Clear Skin

I’m pretty bad at remembering to look after my skin. I start a routine with all the best intentions, and then get disheartened and stop because it takes too long and I’m not seeing immediate results. Yes, I’m an impatient child.

I came across this mini routine by accident. I was looking for budget skincare products I hadn’t seen before, and picked up a few bits. When I threw them together, I was blown away by the results! As a bonus, this total routine costs £32, including the Foreo dupe!

If, like me, you balk at the thought of spending £99 on a little vibrating facial cleanser, then I have some good news for you. This Fashion Base one – £12.99 from Amazon – is the bees knees. It’s double sided and has two different length nubbins (?) I combine with the Simple Foaming Cleanser on to a damp face, buzz it around for a little bit and voila. All the grime and dirt that lingers deep down in your pores is gone, and you’re left with the cleanest face ever. I genuinely noticed a difference in my face after one use. After using for a week or so, my skin has never been so clear. It’s easy to clean and stands upright, so it’s easy to store. Also, it’s a micro USB charging port, and comes with a wire.

After washing my face with a microfibre flannel, I go in with some of the Lacura Glycolic Toner on a huge cotton pad – I love these ones from Boots. Now, Aldi aren’t fooling anyone. This is a clear dupe of Pixi’s Glow Tonic, but at a fraction of the price. This tightens my skin and brings back a bit of radiance, and smells really nice!

The Superdrug Deep Action Extreme Blemish Solution is a Salicylic acid concoction to dry out those nasty lil buggers on your face. I popped off the stopper so I can dip a clean cotton bud inside to apply directly to the spot. Just remember not to double dip!

Back to Aldi’s own brand, I picked up the Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil. Now, I do not recommend this as a morning step, because this stuff is heavy. I switch it our for a light day cream in the morning, but use this at night and oh boi, my skin is so radiant the next day. It’s got a very strong smell, but it fades quickly, and it’s not unpleasant.

If you buy one thing from this routine, it needs to be the vibrating facial cleanser. It’s honestly a game changer, and i truly believe everyone should own one, if you don’t want to blow your money on the Foreo.

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