Lime Crime Venus II Palette

Lime Crime Venus 2 palette
Lime Crime Venus II Palette

I’ve previously raved about the Lime Crime Matte Velvetines, for formula, colour range and longevity, so I thought I would foray further into the world of Lime Crime, and found that the Venus II palette seemed right up my street colour wise. I really love grungy, ABH Subculture-esque colours, and the Venus II palette seemed all that and more. So I quickly ordered it and waited patiently by my front door for the postie to come.

So lets start with the big con. The packaging. I looks cheap, it feels cheap and it ain’t cheap. At £34, I would have hoped we would have moved away from cardboard packaging, but alas, it’s not to be. Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful, and the foil accents are stunning, but it doesn’t feel like a £34 palette.

Now that my moaning is out of the way, the actual palette is pretty good. The colour story is wearable but unique, and you can get both colourful and understated looks from the palette, depending on which shades you use.

The shadows themselves are as silky as I would expect for a high end palette, but some, like Marsh and Filter, are a bit chalky and fade quite quickly. I would recommend a tacky base for enhanced longevity, but that could just be me being picky.

L – R – Pigeon, Filter, Marsh, Mustard, Fly, Jam, Mud, Boot

Pigeon– a beautiful petrol shade, shimmer
Filter – a conflower blue, matte
Marsh – a khaki green, soft shimmer
Mustard – erm, a mustard colour? matte
Fly – a green-gold, shimmer
Jam – a bright orange, matte
Mud – a reddish brown, matte
Boot – a black with blue glitter

My favourite shades are by far Pigeon and Mustard, but unfortunately, the colours I was most looking forward to, Marsh and Boot, are the most disappointing. Marsh is hardly green when lightly swatched, and takes a lot of layering to build up pigment. Boot just feels like a lie. In the pan it’s this beautiful navy blue with lots of purple and green glitter running through it. In reality, it’s black with a very small amount of sliver glitter.

I actually bought this palette from eBay (can confirm it is definitely genuine), so I’m grateful that I didn’t spend £34, because I think I would be disappointed. If you already have this in your collection, I do think there are some fun looks to be had, but I wouldn’t recommend going and spending your hard earned money on it.

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