About Me

Lifestyle, Beauty, Budgeting, Blogging and Wellbeing

Hannah Peaches has been born of 3 things; a passion for writing, an overloaded makeup collection and a global pandemic. Furlough means that I have all the time in the world, and with no kids or ability to go outdoors, there’s no better time to relaunch my blog.

Hannah Peaches will bring you honest reviews and sarcastic humour, as well as an everyday outlook on the world.

A bit about my personal beauty needs – I’m a very (very) pale girl with warm undertones – think “NC15 is a tad too dark for me” pale. My hair is dry, frizzy and curly, and with about 11 years of heat and box dye damage on it. I’m obviously not a natural ginger. I’m blemish prone with combination skin. This is what drives my product requirements.

And yes, those are my real eyelashes.